Queen’s Project on International Development (QPID) is a student run organization operating out of the Queen’s Engineering Society since 1990. Over the past 29 years, we have hosted a variety of initiatives on campus, in Kingston, in Canada, and internationally.


On campus QPID hosts forum events (involving discussions, speaker panels, presentations and workshops), which focus on a variety of global development and social justice issues. All students are welcome to come out and think, discuss and learn together about questions that aren’t necessarily addressed in students’ classes or everyday lives.


In Kingston QPID runs workshops and a youth conference for high school and elementary students. Many of the same issues addressed in forum events are introduced to Kingston youth. Through these education initiatives, QPID hopes to stimulate more awareness of global problems that our generation faces.


In Canada and internationally QPID participates in summer internships. These internships vary from region to region, but share a focus on collaboration and teamwork between summer interns and members of host communities to fill needs that have been recognized by the host communities themselves. These two to three month internships provide host communities with eager volunteers, and our volunteers with a unique opportunity for a cross-cultural experience. QPID has participated in over 200 grassroots community development projects in Guyana, Ghana, Nunavut, Bolivia, Peru, India, Nicaragua, Burkina Faso, and Kingston. QPID currently participates in summer internships in Yellowknife, Botswana, Delhi, and Bangalore.


In all that we do, QPID strives to engage in critical thinking and work towards informed action.

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