Forum is a weekly event run by QPID to learn about and discuss current global issues. We welcome new perspectives, ideas and questions! Each week we will focus on a new and interesting topic, covering everything from gun control to environmental issues to micro-finance investment. Come out and participate to get involved, learn something new about global development, and widen your perspective. We look forward to hearing your point of view! Everyone is welcome. Forum for the 2017-2018 year is held each Tuesday from 5:30-6:30 - follow our Facebook page to get updates about the weekly topic.

High school Outreach: Workshops and Conference 


Seeking to increase awareness about sustainable and effective development at home and abroad, QPID works alongside local high schools to provide opportunities for learning and engagement, informing students what we do and why we do it.


Five Days for Youth Homelessness 


The QPID 5 Days project seeks to increase awareness and decrease stigma surrounding youth homelessness, while raising funds to help the local Kingston Youth Shelter fulfill their essential mandate in the Kingston community

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Botswana, India, Nunavut and beyond 


The internships vary from region to region, but share a focus on collaboration and teamwork between QPID’s Summer Project Interns and members of host communities to fill needs that have been recognized by host communities themselves. These two to three month projects provide host communities with eager volunteers, and our volunteers with a unique opportunity for a cross-cultural experience. QPID Summer projects hope to be mutually beneficially to the local organization and community and for the interns participating in this project. QPID has participated in over 200 grassroots community development projects in Guyana, Ghana, Nunavut, Bolivia, Peru, India, Nicaragua, Burkina Faso and Kingston.


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