Where can I go on a QPID internship?


QPID currently hosts internships in Botswana, The Gambia, Yellowknife, Philippines, India


What is a QPID intern?


QPID’s Summer Interns are Queen’s students that are hired to volunteer on a three month internship in one of our host communities. QPID Interns spend the academic year leading up to their project training and working as part of the QPID team. While on internship, interns are responsible for completing their work placement and reporting back to QPID.


What will I do on a QPID internship?


QPID will partner you with a development organization in the region you apply to and you will intern for this organization by working on the projects and tasks they have prepared for you. QPID internships are an excellent way to gain professional work experience in the development field. The organizations vary, and concern issues such as health, the environment, human rights, and youth engagement. To see the organizations we are partnering with in summer 2019 check out the summer internships tab under Initiatives!


What do QPID interns do during their spare time on internship?


QPID interns have set hours that they will work with their organizations. In their spare time, interns spend time with their host families, meet people in the community, join the social activities in their town or city, and travel the country.


How long is a QPID internship?


Though it varies a little each year and by region, internships are typically 10-12 weeks in length, in between May and August.


Can I get academic credit for a QPID internship?

QPID cannot give academic credit, but some students in Development Studies have used their QPID internship for Devs 410 Work Placement. Please consult with your academic department about work placement credit options.


How much does it cost to go on a QPID internship?


Each intern is expected to give a $500 CAD security deposit, and fundraise $2 500 CAD before going on internship. Incremental fundraising deadlines will be given, and QPID will support you by helping you plan fundraisers, write sponsorship letters, and plan all-intern fundraising events. After you have fundraised the $2,500 all internship-related costs are covered by QPID. This includes airfare, accommodation, meals, water, communication, and internship-related transportation. QPID does not pay for First Aid training, travel insurance, immunizations, clothing, shopping, personal travel, or travel to Pearson airport.

Do I need any shots/immunizations before I leave?

The immunizations needed are different for each internship region and depend on what immunizations you have already received. Internships Directors and Managers will discuss the required immunizations with Interns once they are hired and assigned to a region. The AMS Health Insurance, or your personal or parent/guardian’s health insurance plan, should cover most of the cost. Consult with your family doctor or the KFL&A Public Health Immunization and Travel Clinic.


What travel documentation do I need?


The QPID Internships Directors require photocopies of your identification in case of emergency while you are on internship. If travelling outside of Canada, you will need a current passport. If travelling to NWT, government-issued ID is all you need. Some locations require Interns to get a visa. QPID will help you with the process of gaining appropriate documentation for your travels.


What is the time commitment during the school year?


You will be expected to meet with your intern team once a week for pre-departure training which includes lessons in cultural sensitivity, travel safety, ethical imagery and more. You will also use this time to plan fundraisers. QPID Interns are also required to attend 'All-QPID' events and participate in our campus and community initiatives throughout the school year.


I want to get involved with the international internships, but I don’t think I can/want to travel over the summer. Is there still some way to get involved?


Yes! QPID hires Internships Directors and Managers who work throughout the school year to ensure that Interns are trained and prepared for their placements.


Where can I apply? What is the application process?


Check out the 'Get Involved' page for the Summer Intern applications.


If you have any other questions please email Sarah Fobert and Daniel Neuwirth at

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