Meet The Team

General Director

Zoe Abraham


4th Year Life Sciences

QPID is a student-run organization focused on raising sustainable development awareness and allowing others to think critically about local and global development issues. In Kingston, QPID runs Forum events on campus, the 5 Days for Homelessness Campaign, Workshops in local schools, and a Youth Conference for high school and elementary students. Internationally, QPID participates in mutually beneficial Summer Internships, which aim to fulfill the needs recognized by the host communities themselves.

Over the past three years, QPID has opened my eyes to the vast array of topics encompassed by the term "development". In Life Sciences, my knowledge of the world, social justice issues, politics, and global development were limited. QPID has given me an incredible, diverse, and passionate community to learn and grow. QPID is unique as it unconditionally welcomes everyone.

Marketing Director

Sarah Van Drunen

3rd Year Global Development Studies


QPID is a unique organization because as a Global Development Studies student, I am constantly encouraged to this critically of all development work. QPID has given me the opportunity to think positively and reflectively about development work, and see the sustainable local and global change we help instill.


As Marketing Director, I get to see the behind the scenes of all the portfolios, seeing how much effort and thought get put in to each initiative, fundraiser, internship and event. QPID is unique because it has a diverse population of Queen’s students from different faculties, sharing the same passion and understanding for QPID’s mission and vision.

Campus & Community Director

Dannica Matta

4th year Global Developments Major, Health Minor

As a holistic and development consciousness club on campus, Queen’s Project on International Development is unique in its commitment to being a catalyst for change. QPID engages in critical thinking about important development issues not just globally but encourages the Queen’s community to think critically about issues in their own city and on campus.


We do this through four crucial portfolios: youth workshops, youth conference, community outreach and regular forums. QPID’s engagement in the local community is important because we believe addressing our social justice issues at home are just as important as participating in global engagement abroad.


Overall, QPID has been an extremely significant part of my last four years at Queen’s and has taught me critical skills and ethical values that I will use throughout the rest of my experience in development work.

Youth Conference Coordinator

Jaron Evasco

3rd year Applied Economics & Classics


QPID is a melting pot of students from every faculty on Queen’s, brought together by our passion and our obligation, as human beings, to the Kingston community and the world at large. It celebrates diversity and kindness and especially the growth of its members as globally-conscious individuals.


I can say with confidence that QPID has made me a better person, and I think that comes with constantly being surrounded by so many people who care so much about so many things. It’s because of this that I’m excited to see what we can accomplish together this year, and to see how we grow in the years to come.

Internships Director

Sarah Fobert

3rd year Global Development Studies

QPID offers a unique experience to all of its members to be a part of an incredibly compassionate and supportive environment. Our commitment to knowledge sharing, critical thinking, and sustainability play an essential role in creating a holistic approach to our initiatives.


QPID is not only a club that is extremely dedicated to achieving its mandate, but also acts as a pseudo-family for all those involved. QPID has shaped my university experience, and I look forward to continuing to foster both local and international sustainable development.

Finance Director

Sarah Sherry

4th year Commerce

QPID is a great place where students from all backgrounds unite to talk about prevalent development issues and other relevant topics.


Throughout my four years in the club, I have met some of my closest friends and have learned so much about myself as a person and as a leader.


It has been a great way to get involved and meet people outside of my faculty who have become a second family. The Finance portfolio has taught me a lot about collaboration, organization, budgeting, and ethical spending, which I hope to bring forward with me into my career. Here’s to another great year!

Finance Executive

Amira Haley


3rd Year Medial, Economics and Music

QPID is unique because it promotes development consciousness within the Kingston Community and internationally through internships. This enables effective discourse around development in a respectful and dynamic approach. QPID creates a caring and thoughtful community which enables students of all ages and members to feel welcome and engaged around sustainability and development. As the finance executive, I have the privilege to help fundraise and work with the interns, so they can pursue a three-month volunteer position abroad to help others and bring awareness towards different development goals.

Co - Internship Manager

Manisha Blaskevitch


3rd Year Chemistry

Queens’ Project on International Development is unique because we focus on education through a holistic approach by facilitating conversation with as many people as we can reach. We emphasize the notion of no right answer and as an organization, we are constantly looking to improve and take on new ways if thinking. I am so excited to evoke a spark of development consciousness in our community this year.

Co - Internship Manager

Alex Pham


2nd Year Life Sciences


QPID is unique because it approaches development in so many ways. The numerous branches of the club have a great impact on our local community as well as communities abroad and the enthusiasm and dedication of everyone on the team is unmatched. From Forum, to 5 Days for Homelessness, to Internships, the initiatives and events run by the club promote development consciousness and invite others to think critically about their actions, leading the way to a better future. QPID is very diverse, welcoming, and gives the opportunity to like-minded students to share their ideas and work on meaningful and positive projects.

Forum Coordinator

Jane Eckler


2nd year Life Sciences


I love QPID because it’s open to a diverse range of people, even those with no academic background in development. I have met so many great people and learned a lot about sustainable and conscious development by attending QPID events, as well as by speaking with its knowledgeable members. Forum is a particularly unique event that we run, in that anyone at Queen’s can drop in and participate in the conversation, or even just listen in on a topic they want to learn more about!

Co-Workshops Coordinator

Sive Pausey


3rd Year Global Development Major, French Minor

As a member of QPID, I have the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals coming from differing programs at Queen's, to foster a more responsible environment at Queen's and in the Kingston community. Workshops is a crucial part of QPID as it enables high school students from the Kingston community to think critically about development issues and learn further about development sustainability. QPID is a great way to meet new people and play an active role in sparking development consciousness in the Queen's and Kingston community.

Co-Workshops Coordinator

Xiyuan Chen


3rd Year Political Studies


QPID is devoted to promoting development consciousness, diversity, and sustainability. As much as I am passionate about development work, I always learn new things about our planet from an innovative perspective while I am in QPID. In addition, QPID allows me to practice critical thinking skills by reflecting upon development issues and how are we affecting the world around us. I appreciate how supportive the team is and how we are committed to our cause. Finally, as Workshops provides a platform for the younger generations to exchange their ideas, I am excited to listen to the voice of our future.

Sponsorship Coordinator

Megha Badwal


2nd Year Concurrent Education - Math Major


QPID is a unique club in that it fosters discussion about topics that promote global and local change while also being inclusive and diverse. The atmosphere in QPID is extremely friendly and welcoming and it allows students from all different backgrounds to express their opinions without fear of being judged or ridiculed. QPID doesn’t focus only on discussion, QPID goes out into communities and helps change them for the better through local fundraisers like 5 Days, and through international internships. If you are looking for an opportunity to make a change in the local or global community then join QPID!

Community Outreach Coordinator

Angela Sahi

3rd Year Global Development Studies

QPID stands out because of their commitment to fostering sustainable local and global change. QPID continues to educate, engage, and learn from individuals within the Queen’s campus and from our extended global community. Their holistic approach welcomes new ideas and different perspectives. I am very excited about the opportunity to facilitate events that bring awareness about youth homelessness to the Queen's campus and community. The Community Outreach Committee is dedicating to expanding our collective understanding of homelessness, as well as the institutional and systemic barriers that are affecting the Queen's and Kingston community.

Monitoring and Evaluations Executive

Kaitlyn VanderWees

4th Year PPE

What I love about QPID is that it has such a diverse crowd of members, students from all different disciplines and backgrounds, who have joined together to pursue similar goals. Because of all our diverse interests and outloks, we are constantly getting the opportunity to learn something new or see something from a different angle, and that just never gets old!

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