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Travel For Impact:
Changing Lives Through Travel

Location: Maun, Botswana 

History: QPID conducted its first summer project in Botswana in 2011. From 2011 to 2018, QPID has sent a total of 29 interns to intern in Botswana. Interns have worked on projects ranging from providing HIV/AIDS education, to supporting women who were victims of sexual violence, and to using tourism to benefit community development. This coming year of 2019 will mark QPID’s fifth year of partnering with Travel for Impact (TFI).


About: Headquartered in Maun, Travel For Impact is a community focused organization that links the Botswana tourist industry with community initiatives across northern Botswana. By creating sustainable partnerships, TFI aims to promote responsible tourism, their four pillars being Children & Youth, Conservation, Culture & Heritage, and Women. In the past, interns have taken on various tasks including documenting the impact that TFI’s partner NGOs have on Maun’s civil society, and working directly with these NGOs.


What the organization is looking for: 

  • Ability to be self directed

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English

  • Willingness to take on tasks outside one’s comfort zone 

  • Aptitude for social media management and design


To learn more about Travel for Impact, click here!

What the intern can expect: 


  • Seeing the administrative side of development work in a social enterprise. 

  • Option to tailor your interests and skills to a range of development initiatives

VIDYA: Empowerment through Education

Location: Mumbai, India

History: QPID has been sending interns to VIDYA’s New Delhi & Gurgaon locations for the past three years. In 2018, QPID interns started an Eco Club at one of VIDYA’s schools and facilitated workshops for students and at the community centres. However, this year, interns will be sent to the Vidya office in Mumbai, India.

About: Started in New Delhi, India in 1985 with just five students, VIDYA is now an established non-profit NGO that operates across five major cities in India. Throughout the year, VIDYA Mumbai leads several initiatives, including Beyond School, Bhavishya Yaan, Youth Program, and School Partnerships. To support students, their families, and their teachers, VIDYA Mumbai manages the Computer Learning & Resource Center, Community Initiatives Cell, and Learning & Development Cell. The organization also organizes various events, activities, and excursions—from Sunday morning football to the annual literature festival.

What the organization is looking for: 

  • Ability to engage others easily

  • Willingness to take on tasks outside one’s comfort zone 

  • Knowledge of environment related topics is an asset

What the intern can expect: 

  • Working primarily with children and women

  • Creating and facilitating workshops in community centres and schools

Ecology North:
Supporting sound
environmental decision-making for the NWT since 1971

Location: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories


History: While QPID has been running internships in Northern Canada since 1997. This will be our 2nd year partnering with Ecology North in the Northwest Territories.

About: Ecology North was founded in 1971 by a group of dedicated volunteers in response to arsenic pollution in Yellowknife. Since then their mandate has expanded considerably with projects tackling issues like climate change, waste reduction, water quality and food sovereignty. A common thread throughout all of the Ecology North programming is an emphasis on environmental, social, and community well-being.

What the organization is looking for: 

  • Knowledge or interest in environmental studies and/or policy

  • Ability to work well in groups as well as able to be self-directed when necessary

What the intern can expect: 

  • Experiencing life and culture in Northern Canada

  • Collaborating with others to achieve United Nations Sustainability Goals in Northern Canada

To learn more about Ecology North, click here!


Mission: “Our mission is to demystify legal and policy issues around climate change, the environment, and sustainable development.”

Location: Manila, Philippines

History: This will be QPID’s first year partnering with Parabukas.

About: Niner Guiao and Aya de Leon established the firm as a practical way to apply their legal and policy expertise, equipped with a keen understanding of critical challenges related to climate, the environment, and development. They believe that working directly with stakeholders international, domestic, and community contexts is key to achieving far-reaching and sustainable outcomes for all.​

What the organization is looking for:

  • Knowledge or interest in environmental studies and/or policy

  • Ability to work well in groups as well as able to be self-directed when necessary

What the Intern can expect:

  • Policy writing

  • Collaborating with NGOs and other firms

  • Research role

To learn more about Parabukas, visit

Starfish International: Advancing girls' education through service to humanity

Our mission is to uplift Gambian girls by providing them with a world-class education that is focused on service to humanity while providing international service learning opportunities for our volunteers.

Location: The Gambia, West Africa

History: This will be QPID’s first year partnering with Starfish International.


About: Starfish was founded by Mam-Yassin Sarr and her husband. The Starfish mission is to meet the educational needs of Gambian girls. Until resources allow them to build an academy, they run their programs from Library grounds in Mam-Yassin’s native village of Lamin. They offer after-school tutorials, children’s classes, adult literacy classes, health and community outreach programs, small business development programs, and an intensive summer school program focused on self-development and the tools Gambian students need to be change agents in local and global issues. Every participant in this educational endeavor will be motivated by an end goal of service to humanity and finding effective methods of infusing “service to others” in each activity of the academy.

What the Organization is Looking for:


  • Ability to work well in groups as well as able to be self-directed when necessary

  • Motivated intern

  • Passionate about education

What the intern can expect:

  • To help in any way the organizations deems necessary:

    • Outreach within the community

    • Marketing

    • Running workshops

To learn more: visit

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